Device Info
System & CPU Info

Device Info is a simple and powerful Android application which gives you complete information about your Mobile device with advanced user interfaces

Device Info

Device Info is a simple and powerful Android application which gives you complete information about your Mobile device with advanced user interfaces

Hardware Info

View your device hardware information such as the name, model, board, manufacturer, network info, serial, manufactured date, etc.

Android OS

View the details of the Android OS such as the codename, API level, security patch, bootloader, kernel, root access, root management apps, etc


View CPU and GPU details such as the processor, supported ABIs, CPU hardware, cores, frequency, GPU name, GPU vendor, GPU renderer, etc.

Installed Apps

With a complete list of installed user and system apps, now you can check in-depth information about the apps on your smartphone.

Battery Info

View the details of the battery such as the health, battery level, status, power source, technology, voltage, etc.

Camera Info

View in-depth information about the features of the camera system of your device whether it is dual, triple, quad or other.


Do you wonder about what sensors are available on your smartphone? Don't worry device info can show you exactly what sensor is available on your device.

Service Tests

Perform service tests on your device hardware and make sure they are working accurately. It would be handy when buying a smartphone.


Do you want to know what changes on your smartphone on the go. Introducing a brand new customizable widget which has the Temperature, Ram, Storage and the information about the tests that you've completed in Device Info. You can add and customize the widget on multiple instances of your home screen.

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Device Info camera setup
Device Info service tests

Export Data
PDF / Text

Now you can export all the information Device info shows to a PDF file or a Text file. Customize what information is needed to export and then you can share it with your friends. Also, you can use this document as a Professional document of your device.

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Camera Setup
Almost All Features

Your Smartphone may have many cameras. But do you know what they can do? Don't worry! Device Info has got your back. Even if your device has many cameras, Device Info can show all the features of all the cameras. But there's a catch. Because of the restrictions of the Android OS, the megapixel value of the cameras may be different when they appear on the app.

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Device Info camera setup
Device Info service tests

Service Tests
Check your device

Do you wonder if the hardware of your device is operating perfectly? You have never bothered to check them right? Don't worry. Device Info can test your smartphone hardware for faults and consistencies. As for now, it supports Display, Multitouch, Flashlight, Loudspeaker, Ear Speaker, Microphone, Ear Proximity, Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Vibration, WiFi, Bluetooth, Fingerprint, Volume Buttons, etc.

Keep in mind that these tests are interactive tests that need your decisions. So make sure you are getting the best from your hardware.

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Device Info gets stronger
day by day

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Device Info

1. How can I change the theme of Device Info?

You just need to open the settings by touching the three-dot menu. Then you can find the dark theme and also the accent colors to choose from.

2. How to copy specific information?

Open the app and then, touch and hold the required information. Then it will be copied to the clipboard. Now you can paste it anywhere.

3. Why there are so many permissions?

Most of the permissions are needed for the tests to work. We can guarantee that Device Info cannot access any personal information.

4. Why the cameras show incorrect megapixels?

Because of the restrictions of the Android OS, sometimes the megapixels which the device Info shows can be incorrect. But the features are 100% accurate.

5. Is there a widget?

Yes. Device info has a customizable widget which looks professional and it updates automatically within some intervals

6. How can I export data?

Go to the 3 dot menu and open Export data. Now you can customize your report and finally export it as a PDF or Text file.

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So, what do you think about Device Info? Are you ready to give it a try and check your device? Device Info is available on Google Play. Go to the below link and you can download it from there. Don't forget to give us a review of your experience.